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Things are bad. Rent is late, again. There's no food, again. Your father-in-law needs medication, again. Life is relentless. In this ethically ambiguous title, it's time to set your morals aside, and do whatever it takes to survive. When all you have is nothing, you take from those who have it all.

Desperate Measures

When you're feeling the squeeze from all sides, there's little respite to be found. Playing as a scammer at a call centre in town, you do whatever it takes to provide for a struggling family, a sick father-in-law, and try to fend off those you owe.

How far will you go to protect the ones you love in a dog-eat-dog world?


  • Tonally dark story with a noir, gritty feel.
  • Branching paths leading to differing conclusions.
  • Simulation gameplay; take control of people's machines.
  • Plenty of variance. You won't experience it all in one playthrough.
  • Decisions do matter.

Coming soon.

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