Life & DED


It's been a good 4-5 months since I wrote an update, so the game is certainly due one.

The sore news is that I just cannot fathom Dog Eat Dog being released in a state I'd be happy with near the date I had planned (May 2022). It's disappointing, as I'd already pushed it back from October '21 (due to burnout & a slight increase in the game's scope). The best I can say right now is that the game will definitely be released, I just don't know exactly when. 

A few things have happened that have made me realize a delay is inevitable for my well-being:

  1. I bought a house(!) I'm moving at the end of March, and until that time, there's so much to sort out - it's quite overwhelming! Also, even after I move, the place needs a healthy amount of cleaning & decorating.
  2. I'm potentially taking on a little extra work which will take up some of my evenings.
  3. In my day job, I'm in the middle of a significantly large project with an end of March deadline.

To add a game release into the mix would just be too much to deal with. I will still be working on the game during this time when I can, but it'll just be slow, and most of it will probably be me planning stuff out in Obsidian

DED is at least much further along than when I last posted, so I'll be able to post more screenshots/gifs of progress during this time on Twitter if I feel it makes sense to, but otherwise, we're slowing things down a bit - just for a few months. Once I'm settled, I'd very much like to return to game development / hangout streams on Twitch.

will have some exciting news about Fragments very, very soon. That update will be over in the Discord, which you should totally join if you do the game making thing, or just have an interest in it.

-coda ๐Ÿ’š


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Hey, congrats on the house! That's a big accomplish that totally justifies a delay. 

Can totally empathize--life happens. Looking forward to the future updates when they do come by. 


Thank you thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’š !! 

I can't wait to be settled and relax back into the groove of dev. It'll fly by.