0.2 Alpha

Hello everyone!

I wanted to write a quick devlog on how Dog Eat Dog is looking as we approach the official end of summer '21.

The first ~30 minutes of the game is in good shape, enough for me to be confidently supplying a private 0.2 alpha demo to RPG Maker Cola for them to stream on Saturday, August 28th on Twitch - big hype! I'm looking forward to watching someone play it; it's a good opportunity for me to make notes, get feedback and catch some extra bugs. They'll also be streaming two of my other games: Fragments and ChickenQuest 2K3: Rise of the Chimkin - along with a few of riggy2k3's projects, including a demo of their up-and-coming spooky game: DELUGE! :)

But about Dog Eat Dog... Towards the end of July, development definitely slowed right down to halt. I put this largely down to the complex core-gameplay 'computer simulation' scenes that appear throughout the experience. There's a ton of nuance and very specific conditions that need to be fulfilled for each player's given situation, and it's been quite a challenge keeping track of it all - along with making sure each 'level' is both fresh and interesting. 

Honestly, I got a little burnt out. 😅

I'm only just picking things back up again this week, so that's at least 3 weeks away from working on the game. For this reason, I'm not entirely confident on the original October release date (boo!), and it's looking more likely to be sometime in Q1 of 2022 at the earliest. However, I'm not stressing over that - what's really important is that the game is being worked on again, and I'm very excited about it. I'm still considering a public demo either for the current version (0.2) or in the near future with a little bit more content, but I'm undecided as of yet.

I probably won't be back to doing dev streams on Twitch quite yet, as the eventing for the simulation scenes requires me to focus quite intensely, and that probably won't make for great content to watch. When I either have something to show, or I'm at the next milestone... That's when I'll likely next switch the camera on! 

Alright, back to it. Thanks y'all.



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We're about to witness greatness - Dog Eat Dog soon come!

Ehehehe, thanks riggy! <3