0.4. A Reworked Art Style & Completed Soundtrack

Yes, yes, yes -- it's been a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

I've been chipping away hard at DED for the past few months especially, and now just felt like a good time to present some new material! 

The game's in great shape with the first act mostly completed. I'm really proud of how it's come together -- I honestly can't wait for people to play through it (and the other two acts, obviously!). I'm glad I've been giving the game the depth and treatment it needs; with such sensitive themes, I wouldn't want to rush something like this.

With regards to recent improvements/changes, I've been developing my art skills lately, and with that - I decided to draw out and detail the city of VONA to replace the previous - more basic look.

New art style



To me, this feels like a colossal improvement. The 'Old' shot was by no means final, but there was definitely a lot of effort there, and I'd almost accepted that was probably the best I was going to be able to deliver on the art front. I'm glad I persisted.

With these improvements, VONA now looks filthier, more menacing, run-down and simply a worse place to be. Perfect!

To further bring this to life, there are adverts that change, lights that flicker, layers of fog and rain. There is also a fantastic 'pedestrian system' built by gimmer_ to show NPC's moving around, going about their lives. It's neat - they're set up to walk to and from points of interest; sometimes they'll even stop and hestitate before returning to where they started.


In December & January, I got to work with @fangsoft to bring to life an entire custom soundtrack for Dog Eat Dog. I won't post anything from that yet, but just know that it's absolutely incredible and beautifully fitting with the game's mood. Fangsoft has composed for a number of games including her own: 'Lockheart Indigo' and it was a joy to work with her on DED. 

Thanks for reading down this far! I'm gonna wrap this devlog up here for the time being. I'll try and post little and (more) often.

Until next time!

- coda ๐Ÿ’Š

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